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Application and Process

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Immune Signaling Cells (ISC) therapy works by recreating a blueprint of a balanced immune system and reintroducing such signaling cells back into the body to provide a systemic/holistic effect. We collect 250ml of patient’s blood containing all the factors which are unique to the patient. By isolating the blood from the patient’s body, we can create a wound healing process which is unhindered by the patient’s immune unbalance problem. This allows us to successfully create the cells and optimal signals (cytokines and growth factors) of the proliferation stage.

In cases of chronic inflammation, the immune system can no longer regulate the healing process. E.g., diabetes, multiple sclerosis, psoriasis are autoimmune conditions with an underlying problem of chronic inflammation. These diseases occur because the healing process isn’t progressing into proliferation (repair) stage. By reintroducing the ISC into patients with underlying chronic inflammation, it will provide the immune system with optimal signals and instructions to once again progress into the proliferation (repair) stage.

DAY 0 : Pre-Assessment

ISC therapy begins with a simple health assessment of all our patients. This information will be analysed by doctors to determine your suitability for undergoing the treatment, as physical conditions vary among individuals. Once that has been verified, you will be ready to undergo the treatment.

DAY 1 : The Cells Collection

Approximately 250 mL of blood will be collected for the cell conversion, depending on your fitness and condition. Our partner physicians will endeavour to ensure that the optimum amount of blood is collected.

DAY 2 - 4 : The Cells Conversion

The blood will then be sent for culture at the laboratory. The conversion process is safe and free from any addition of viruses and reagents. This process takes up to 4 days. After culture, you will be invited back to the treatment clinic for the reinfusion of your ISC (Immune Signaling Cells) cells.

DAY 5 : The IV Reinfusion

Depending on your health requirements, we will tailor the best course of treatment for you.

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