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Safety and Quality

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We have multiple safety standards in place to mitigate any operational or medical risks.

Life Science Insurance

Each treatment procedure is insured by Lloyd’s of London Insurance, one of the most prominent medical insurers for up to AUD 20 million. This is also the only cellular treatment to be covered by a medical insurance policy, reflecting its high safety profile.

Non-genetic Manipulation Culture

The method of ISC culture does not involve genetic manipulation that may result in a risk of mutation that contributes to cancer. No viruses, antibiotics, growth factors, animal components, or reagents are added into the culture of the cells.

External Sterility Testing Lab

Further ensuring our safety measures, each cultured sample is screened by accredited laboratory for contamination. The tests screen for a total viable aerobic count, total viable count, microbial growth, endotoxin, and real-time PCR mycoplasma tests. These ensure that the live cells are not contaminated.

Autologous Source

The autologous nature of the cells also removes many risks associated with transplantation of cells foreign to the body. These cells are sourced from the recipient’s body that recognises the physiology, and will easily be reintegrated into the system.

Closed Loop Processing

Starting from the point of blood collection, all of the ISC subsequent production processes take place within a closed contained system until the day of reinfusion.

Regulation-compliant Laboratories

All culture processes take place in our laboratories. Our laboratories and operating protocols are compliant with legislative standards and following in-line with GMP standard protocols.

Preclinical Safety Test and Trials

ISC has undergone extensive preclinical testing and is now embarking on safety trials that further verify safety and quality assurance.

Healing & Regeneration

Boost the body's immune system defense and fortify the innate healing capacity to achieve a better regenerative efficacy.

Simple and Painless

The procedure is simple, minimally invasive and painless. It is akin to the process of blood donation.



Immune Signaling Cells (ISC) therapy is insured by Lloyd’s of London, one of the most prominent medical insurers for up to AUD 20 million. It is the only cellular therapy to be covered by a medical insurance policy, a testament of its high safety profile.


We ensure safe treatment and effective results

  • The ONLY Cell Therapy with a Life Science Insurance
  • AUTOLOGOUS - Derived from Your Own Bood
  • Ethical & Effective with Non-genetic Manipulation Culture
  • Closed System Culture to Prevent Contamination
  • Regulation-Compliant Lab & External Sterility Testing Lab
  • Painless and Simple
  • Minimally Invasive & Personalized
  • No side effect that causes immune suppression as compared to MSC